Online learning is an important part of education in college, university and the workplace. eLearning courses:

  • Allow more flexibility in students' timetables;
  • Access to courses that complement their timetables;
  • Additional opportunities to build independent learning skills;
  • Require the same time commitment as a traditional day-school class;
  • May include course work outside of the traditional school day/environment;
  • Follow the same semester start and end dates as a traditional face-to-face class;
  • Include timelines for completing tasks, assignments and other assessments within the course; and
  • Meet the same curriculum requirements as face-to-face classes as set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

eLearning options are available to all students in the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB). Students who have high achievement in the learning skills (responsibility, organization, independent work, collaboration, initiative and self-regulation) are ideal eLearning candidates.

2013-2014 eLearning Courses

The following courses are offered for the 2013-2014 school year and are taught by qualified teachers who provide innovative, relevant and engaging eLearning experiences. Courses offerings are subject to sufficient enrolment. Students wishing to enrol in any of the following eLearning courses should indicate their choice on their course selection sheet.

  • BAF 3M - Financial Accounting Fundamentals (Grade 11 University/College)
  • CHI 4U - Canada: History, Identity & Culture (Grade 12 University)
  • HHS 4M - Individuals & Families in a Diverse Society (Grade 12 University/College)
  • HNC 3O - Fashion and Creative Expression (Grade 11 Open)
  • HSB 4M - Challenge & Change in Society (Grade 12 University/College)
  • ICS 3U - Introduction to Computer Science (Grade 11 University)
  • ICS 4U - Computer Science (Grade 12 University)
  • MCT 4C - Mathematics for College Technology (Grade 12 College)
  • OLC 4O - Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course (Grade 12 Open)
  • SES 4U - Earth & Space Science (Grade 12 University)
  • SNC 4M - Science (Health Care Focus) (Grade 12 University/College)
  • SPH 4U - Physics (Grade 12 University)
  • PPZ 3O - Health for Life (Grade 11 Open) - * Will be offered in 2014-2015

Note: The RCDSB is a member of the Ontario eLearning Consortium, which allows students access to specialized courses from other school boards who also offer courses through the Consortium. For a complete list of courses, please visit the Ontario eLearning Consortium website. See Student Services for details on these eLearning courses and our course calendar (PDF).