School Improvement Plan

What is a school improvement plan?

A school improvement plan is a roadmap of the changes a school needs to make to improve its level of student achievement. The plan shows how and when these changes will be made.

Why is a school improvement plan needed?

School improvement plans help principals, teachers, and school councils answer the questions "What will we focus on now?" They encourage staff and parents to monitor student achievement levels. With current, reliable information about how well students are performing, schools are better able to respond to the needs of students, teachers, and parents.

How does the plan enhance learning?

The objective is to improve student achievement levels by enhancing the way curriculum is delivered, creating a positive learning environment, and increasing parental involvement in students' learning at school and at home. The plan involves teachers, school councils, parents, and other community members working together to gather and analyze information about the school and its students, so that they can determine what needs to be improved in their school.

School Goals for 2013-2014

Our school goals for 2013-2014 include:

Excellence in Teaching

  • The teaching and learning environment is inclusive and reflects individual student strengths, needs and learning preferences.
  • Assessment tasks are aligned with the curriculum, collaboratively developed by teachers and the resulting demonstrations of student learning analyzed to ensure consistency with success criteria. 
  • A clear emphasis on high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy is evident throughout the school.