Social Sciences and Humanities

Social sciences encompass family studies, anthropology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, and world religion, world issues, law, foods and parenting. The courses explore human society and culture, social structures and relationships.

Social science and humanities courses give students essential transferable skills for post-secondary studies and in the workplace.


Social Sciences - Grade 10
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Food & Nutrition

HFN2O1 (Open)

*Courses offered in alternate years

Social Sciences - Grade 11
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Food & Culture

HFC3E1 (Workplace)

Raising Healthy Children

HPC3O1 (Open)

World Religions & Belief Traditions

HRT3M1 (University/College)

HRF3O1 (Open)

*Courses offered in alternate years

Social Sciences - Grade 12
SubjectCourse Code(s)

Challenge & Change in Society

HSB 4U1 (University)

Equity and Social Justice:  From Theory to Practice

Families in Canada

HHS 4U1 (University)

HHS 4C1 (College)

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