Business Studies

The aims of the Business Studies Program are two-fold, make possible the attainment of marketable skills at the secondary level, and provide opportunity for a broad basis of education for students who enter the workforce after secondary school graduation, as well as for those who go on to specialize at the college or university level.

Business Certificate

Students must complete eight business credits of which at least two must be in Co-operative Education.  This business certificate will provide valuable support to any job opportunities.

Specializing in Business Studies

Students who have successfully completed five or more senior business and computer studies courses will receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with a Business Studies endorsement.


Business Courses - Grade 9
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Introduction to Business

BBI1O1 (Open)     

Business Courses - Grade 10
SubjectCourse Code(s)
Introduction to Business

BBI2O1 (Open)                       

Information & Communication Technology


Business Courses - Grade 11
SubjectCourse Code(s)

BAF3M1 (College/University)    

Information & Communication Technology              

BTA 3O1 (Open)


BMI3C1 (College)*


*Courses offered in alternate years.

Business Courses - Grade 12
SubjectCourse Code(s)

BDV4C1 (College)*

*Courses offered in alternate years.

See the course calendar for full course descriptions.