Writing to Remember; RCI Captures Senior Categories in Remembrance Contest

Posted on Friday November 21, 2014
Remembrance Day Winners
Remembrance Day Winners

Renfrew Collegiate Institute placed first, second and third in three senior categories for the local Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Contest.

In the Senior Essay Contest, first place winner was Marissa de Boer, second place winner was Megan Coad, and third place winner was Het Shal.

In the Senior Poem Category, first place winner was Leyalee Alsaadi, second place winner was Ida Yates Lavery, and third place winner was Sam Headrick.

In the Senior Colour Poster Category, first place winner was Meredith Abraham, second place winner was Alex Eady and third place winner was Sydney Phillips.

The annual literary and poster contests run every year. Students are judged locally and the first place pieces advance to the provincial level. Winners at the provincial level are forwarded to Ottawa where they will be judged again, and national winners will be announced.

Although the goal of the contest is to foster “Remembrance” many RCI students had their own reasons as to why they wrote.

Marissa de Boer said, “I wrote the Remembrance piece because I think it is so important that our nation, specifically the youth of my generation understands how critical it is to remember. Although their experiences may be distant to our own lives, the soldiers, nurses, correspondents, and everyone involved, went through hardships and horrors so that we could live in peace. I also wrote it because I love learning about global history, and because my grandparents still vividly remember and retell stories of when they lived in Holland during the Second World War. I’m honoured to simply have written the essay for Remembrance, let alone have placed [first].”

Other RCI and RCIS winners were Makenna Moran, Tyler Lefebvre, and Mackenzie Perry. Moran placed first in the Intermediate Essay Category. Lefebvre placed first in the Intermediate Poem Category and Perry placed third in the Senior Black and White Poster Category.

Students who placed either first, second or third, have been invited to attend a local awards presentation December 3rd at 6:30 p.m. in the main hall at The Royal Canadian Legion.

Writer: Charlene Edwards-Budden
Photo taken by: Charlene Edwards-Budden

Left to right

Back row: Marissa de Boer, Meredith Abraham, Sydney Phillips, Alex Eady & Het Shal
Middle row: Leyalee Alsaadi, Ida Yates Lavery, Sam Headrick, & Megan Coad
Front row: Tyler Lefebvre, and Mackenzie Perry Missing: Makenna Moran