RCI Teacher, Mr. Poirier, Receives EOSSAA Award

Posted on Monday June 13, 2016

On Friday June 10th, at the EOSSAA Annual General Meeting in Perth,  Roger Poirier was awarded the Pete Beach Award.

"The Pete Beach Award is named in honour of Mr. N. A. Pete Beach, a former Executive Director of OFSAA, who died in 1984. Mr. Beach recognized, early in his career, that school sport possessed a substantial and verifiable trait of the capacity to contribute beyond sport to a young person’s future career and life. For the next fifty years, he devoted his energy to the organizational development of school sport and thus to the service of young people.

In view of the complexity of the developmental process, it is a rare educator indeed who has the capacity to utilize the medium of school sport in such a way as to positively and sufficiently influence students in the remainder of their lives. That educator is one who consistently provides an impression of stability and optimism, one who enjoys the company, and the respect, of young people; one who embodies, and initiates by example, the highest traditions of the sportsperson; one who best typifies the true function of the teacher-coach - a source of discipline, a mentor and a friend. "

Mr. Poirier was a fixture in the RCI extracurricular program during his 29 years at RCI.  He was instrumental in establishing a program that captured 12 straight Upper Ottawa Valley Track and Field school aggregate championships and 17 consecutive Upper Ottawa Valley Cross Country school aggregate championships. Mr. Poirier’s coaching led to 7 EOSSAA championships and over 250 individual athletes qualifying for OFSAA.

It was Mr. Poirier’s dedication to the students at RCI that made the difference in so many lives.  As both a coach and an educator when a student was in need of support or guidance Roger was always willing to step forward without judgement.  Mr. Poirier touched the lives of lots and made a difference in many.

Best of luck in your retirement Mr. Poirier!