RCI Students Attend Leadership Conference

Posted on Friday April 17, 2015
Leadership conference pic #2 by Kaitlyn Beimers

RCI’s social changemakers travelled to Kemptville on Wednesday, April 8th for a conference on equity and inclusion.

Grade 9 to 12 students who demonstrated leadership within the school attended The Harmony Movement’s presentation. Students learned about current world social justice issues, learned what they could do to help change the problems, and learned how to make a safer and more accepting community, both locally and globally. The topics ranged from challenging social norms to discrimination throughout history.

“What we see most of the time is what we tend to think is normal, but it’s not always reality,” keynote speaker, Rima Dib, explained. “Just because we see something more often it doesn’t mean it is the only normal.”

Besides listening to powerful speeches, students took part in a variety of activities, including group sessions where they learned about the importance of being an advocate for their problems, as well as standing as an ally for their peers’ problems.

“I think it’s important to have these conversations because change can’t happen without it,” said Harmony Movement Project Officer, Caitlin Wood. “Change is what is necessary when we look around our schools, community, and our country.”

RCI students also engaged in a game that challenged their knowledge of what they had learned, which also showed them that not everyone has the same privileges.

The day was full of important information, and everyone brought home new ideas on how to change the school, the community, and the world.

“I came to realize how tolerant this generation is,” said teacher supervisor, Adam Noack. “We still have a long way to go but today’s leaders are a lot more open-minded, and we are leaning towards a more diverse, multicultural society.”

The Harmony Movement stop in the Upper Canada School Board is just one of many on its tour across Ontario.

Writer: Taylor Virgin

Photo submitted by Kaitlyn Beimers