Children's Art Program at RCI

Posted on Friday October 24, 2014
Tessa and Chelsea
After School Art Program

Writer: Katherine Jamieson

Art class isn’t just for high school students at Renfrew Collegiate Institute anymore thanks to the work of art teacher Natalie Stevens and eight of her art students.

Stevens started an art program for children ages five and up with the help of her eight art students. Steven said, “The program is a great way to introduce children to art and to spark their interest in the art program before they get to high school.”

The program explores different mediums of art such as drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking. The class also covers many famous artists and brief art history lessons that are geared towards kids.

The first class was a huge success and about fifteen children attended.

Student volunteer Jayda McLaren, said, “The art class is a really great way for children to get early art skills, and to socialize with us; I love seeing all the kids getting involved with, and enjoying art since it is such an amazing way to express yourself and relieve stress. Thank you to Ms. Stevens for putting this great class together.”

Stevens also was excited to be working with her art students and said, “Their talents and passion for art will be a great inspiration to the children attending.”
The ten week program started on October second and runs every Thursday in the RCI art room from 4:15PM to 5:45PM.

Stevens hopes to offer a second session in the New Year.

Photographer: Charlene Edwards-Budden
In the photo are: High school art student Chelsea Coupal and art student, Tessa Budden (right)