Dallas Kasaboski returns to RCI to help students explore career options

Posted on Friday April 10, 2015
Dallas Kasaboski
Dallas Kasaboski

After attending university in France and interning with NASA, a former Renfrew Collegiate Institute graduate returned to RCI to help current students explore career options outside of the community.

Dallas Kasaboski, a space engineer, came back as the second speaker in the ongoing Lecture Series on Tuesday, March 31st. His presentation focused on the fact that pursuing the career of your dreams is possible amidst the obstacles, as long as you have dedication.

“I always knew what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how to get there,” Kasaboski explained.

While he didn’t know exactly how to get into the space industry, he worked hard at RCI in academics, athletics, and extracurriculars, which earned him scholarships, awards, and an acceptance into York University’s Space Engineering program where he earned his Bachelor`s Degree.

After graduation, Kasaboski pursued his Master`s Degree at the International Space University in France, then interned at NASA`s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Kasaboski attributes one of the biggest struggles in his career to finding out information about his field. While there were guidance counsellors to aid him, no one knew exactly how to help him and he was largely left on his own to research schools and programs available to him.

“I had absolutely no idea how to make my dreams come true and no one had done anything quite like it before, so when I was asked to come in to the school, I jumped at the chance,” Kasaboski said. “I wanted to provide the students with some perspective, to show them that there were opportunities outside of Renfrew and that even big dreams can come true with enough hard work and dedication.”

Kasaboski had various other key points in his speech, such as the importance of trying new things while you have the chance and keeping yourself motivated by setting small and big goals. While he gave many suggestions that applied to the entire audience, the idea that really stuck with students was the multitude of opportunities that are available.

“Listening to [Kasaboski] speak really opened my eyes to jobs outside of Renfrew that I never thought of before,” said John Bossy, a Grade 10 student.

RCI hopes to continue giving students the chance to learn about different career fields through the lecture series.

Writer: Taylor Virgin
Photo courtesy of Dallas Kasaboski

The photo was taken during Dallas’ time at the International Space University, during Canadian culture night. Dallas is on the left and Dr. Robert Thirsk, a Canadian astronaut, medical doctor, and engineer is on the right.