RCI students at Ottawa U: a visit with the dead

Posted on Friday November 28, 2014
RCI students attend anatomy lab
A Visit with the Dead

Students from Renfrew Collegiate Institute travelled to the University of Ottawa’s Gross Anatomy Lab November 24th, 2014 to examine cadavers.

Students from an Emergency Services class, along with several other students who are enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major program visited the lab, where different stations featured different corpses for exploration.
One body exposed upper and lower limbs and all of the muscle tissue. Another allowed them to explore the abdominal cavity and associated organs; a third was an open thoracic cavity where the heart and lungs could be examined along with several other hearts available for detailed examination. Other stations included spinal columns, brains, and other anatomical structures.

"The med students were very knowledgeable and made the experience even better,” said student Amy Raycroft.

The RCI students were also fortunate enough to attend lectures by two of the University's renowned academic professors. Dr. Christopher Ramnanan delivered a lecture on Metabolism and Anatomy while Dr. Ali Jalali spoke about Sports Medicine and doping in sports.

“We’re very proud of them. Our students exemplified the type of maturity, professionalism, and respect that we've come to expect from RCI students,” remarked teachers, Ms. Vicki Wilson and Mr. Tony Ferguson

It was an excellent excursion and an experience that will last a lifetime for the students.

Writer: Tony Ferguson

Picture: (left to right) Photographer: unknown

Bria Katsoulis, Ella Gukes, Monica Fulton, Myke McCallum, & Allison Doucette