Styling at RCI

Posted on Friday February 06, 2015
Daphnie and Jada
Daphnie styles Jadas hair

Written by Katherine Jamieson

The grade ten Hairstyling and Aesthetics class at RCI was very busy first semester. Many of the students who went into the course had little experience with basic hairstyling and aesthetics skills, but throughout the semester each student gained valuable practical experience.

September began with hairstyling, with a focus on scalp and hair treatments, formal styling, braiding, and the safe use of hot tools. Grade ten student, Emily Livingston, said “It is a real eye opener. You go into the class thinking you know how to do hair and then you learn so much more.”

After hair, students moved on to aesthetics. The class learned makeup application, and skin and nail care. “It’s a great opportunity for students that are starting to experiment with makeup,” said teacher Debbie Sutherland. “They learn how to select shades that complement their skin tone and eye colour, as well as application techniques.”

Client days in the school salon were also a great way for students to practice and showcase their new skills. Clients can choose from having their hair, nails, or makeup done. This unique learning opportunity allowed the students to follow industry standards and practice infection control procedures. Hairstyling and aesthetics student, Emily Belliveau, said “It’s a fun experience, but at the same time we learn the practices of the [hairstyling] industry.”

Throughout the semester students also maintained a professional portfolio. The portfolio allows students to showcase their work and show potential clients their best creations.

If you are interested in taking RCI’s Hairstyling and Aesthetics course, it is being offered second semester.

Hair stylist: Daphnie Rose (standing) and client (seated) Jada Hazen

Picture taken by Charlene Edwards-Budden