EQAO results highlight Junior and Primary student reading and writing within Renfrew County District School Board

Posted on Wednesday September 21, 2016

EQAO results highlight Junior and Primary student reading and writing within Renfrew County District School Board

(Renfrew County) The Ontario provincial government released the annual Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessment results for Reading, Writing and Mathematics in the Primary (Grades 1-3) and Junior (Grades 4-6) Divisions and Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

Primary and Junior EQAO assessment data measures the percentage of students achieving the provincial standard in reading, writing, and mathematics. The data assists senior administration, school principals and teachers as they seek to make informed decisions that create the best possible outcomes for students.

The 2016 results, when compared to 2014-15 provincial and board results, indicate that Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) students are acquiring the necessary skills to achieve levels of academic performance on a majority of the curriculum measures.

In most categories of student achievement, EQAO results for the RCDSB mirror the provincial trends. The following percentages reflect students who participated in the EQAO assessment: 


  • Primary reading 75 (2014 score, 71)
  • Primary writing 75 (2014 score, 76; 2016 provincial average is 74).
  • Primary math 66 (2014 score, 67; 2016 provincial average is 63).
  • Junior reading 82 (2014 score, 76)
  • Junior writing 73 (2014 score, 70)
  • Junior math 49 (2014 score, 51) 

“We are pleased with the academic achievement of our students and our board results show we are meeting or exceeding the provincial standards in our primary and junior reading and writing,” said Gayle Bishop, the Superintendent of Education who oversees Assessment and Evaluation.   

Despite having comparable math scores to boards across the province, RCDSB recently developed a renewed math strategy aimed at ensuring teachers have access to supports they need to teach a curriculum that strives to balance math concepts with thinking skills for advanced problem solving. 

“Ultimately, we are proud of the gains that have been made,” concluded Bishop. “It confirms the hard work of our staff and underlines the importance of our strategy to strengthen staff knowledge of the curriculum and share the most effective methods of instruction.” 

To view the full RCDSB data set, visit www.eqao.com


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