Earth Day Cake Celebration

Posted on Friday April 24, 2015
Earth Day Cake
Earth Day Cake

With the help of staff and students, RCI Educational Assistant, Edythe Elmore, constructed the Earth out of smaller cakes to help celebrate and bring awareness to Earth Day.

Edythe Elmore, the EA in charge of the event, collected and baked a total of 42 cakes. The cakes were then combined and iced by members of the RCI Interact Club to look like a map of the world, including plastic animals to represent each country.

“I’ve done it at Queen Elizabeth and AJ Charbonneau and the kids really enjoyed it,” said Elmore. “I think they need to get excited and know more about Earth Day. It’s very important to keep our planet safe.”

The event also brought students from both sides of the school together, as RCI and RCIS students both enjoyed eating the cake.

“It was really fun to see all the students’ reactions to a giant cake in the middle of the hallway,” said Faith Ebert, who helped ice the cake.

The proceeds from selling the slices will be going towards the Interact Club’s local cause, the I Choose RVH Initiative.

Writer: Taylor Virgin
Photo submitted by Charlene Edwards-Budden

Left to right are: 

Sebastien Spurrell, Megan Bulmer, Allison Doucette, Faith Ebert, Moira Friske  and Edythe Elmore